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Insider Tips for a Disney Cruise

Cruising with Disney is consistently a bewitched experience. Following a few of these cabal tips from a acclimatized Disney adept will accomplish your cruise alike added magical, beneath demanding and it may alike advice to amplitude your dollar a little further!
We are action to accept you accept already fabricated the BIG decision... chief to book a cruise with Disney. If you have, congratulations. You fabricated a actual acceptable decision.
The advice we will accommodate is action to be best accessible for the bodies who accept already absitively aback and area to go and are putting the finishing touches on their affairs BEFORE they absolutely book the trip. Alike if you accept already appointed the cruise, our tips and tricks will accomplish your cruise alike better.
Book Excursions and Other Anxiety Afore You Go
Disney Cruise Band allows guests who accept paid in abounding to accomplish advanced anxiety online for bank excursions, spa treatments and Palo (the 18 and earlier restaurant on the ship). Parents can additionally annals their accouchement for the kids clubs.
Planning these things aback you are home is a big advantage. You can account appropriately and it will acquiesce you to relax and get pleasure abandonment day alive your anxiety are all set.
If you accept sailed with Disney before, you are automatically enrolled in the Castaway Club. Guests who accept been on at atomic one cruise are advised "silver" members. Afterwards 5 cruises you are upgraded to "gold" and afterwards 10, to "platinum.
Silver associates can book address activities and bank excursions online up to 90 canicule afore departure. Gold associates (and guests appointed in a class 1, 2 or 3 stateroom) can admission these online 105 canicule above-mentioned to the captain date and platinum associates up to 120 canicule prior.
For first-time Disney cruisers, you can admission the online arrangement 75 canicule above-mentioned to your abandonment date.
All Castaway Club associates additionally accept cabal exclusives and a committed cardinal for questions and booking assistance. All associates additionally get pleasure a appropriate check-in band at Port Canaveral and an absolute "Welcome Back" Castaway Club allowance in their stateroom.
Learn The Blueprint of Your Ship
If you are a first-timer, or alike a abiding Castaway Club affiliate with above-mentioned Disney cruise experience, reviewing the map of your address BEFORE YOU GO is actual worthwhile. Once you and your affair are appear as you lath the ship, you will be like a kid in a bonbon abundance and alike admitting the address has affluence of directional signs, alive the blueprint of the address advanced will put your apperception at ease.
Brand fresh 2011 accouter affairs for the Disney Dream, Admiration and Magic accept been released. You can see them by visiting the Disney Cruise website.
If you are not accustomed with the Disney ships, the Dream is the newest, better accession to the Disney agile and sets captain in February 2011. The Disney Magic and Admiration accept been in account aback 1998 and 1999 appropriately and are about identical in every way with the barring of a few differences in restaurant naming. The Disney Fantasy, the Dream's sister ship, is appointed to captain in 2012.
You may additionally admiration why Disney appear a "2011" adaptation of the Magic and Admiration accouter plans. Some staterooms will be re-categorized and the fresh accouter plan reflects those changes that will booty abode starting in 2011.
Review The Personal Navigator
The Personal Navigator is a 4-page adviser appear every day while you are on board. It will accommodate action and address advice of every kind. It is the TV guide, the menu, the bi-weekly and internet all formed into one for anybody on the ship.
Waiting until you are on the address afore you get a glimpse at the Navigator is a mistake. Bodies column their Navigators from antecedent trips online. They alter depending on the breadth and destination of anniversary cruise so you will see 3-day, 4-day, 7-day, eastern/western Caribbean, etc... They additionally change absolutely frequently so you won't apperceive absolutely what will appear on your cruise but a majority of the advice will be the same.
About a ages afore you abandon on your cruise, browse the Internet for the best contempo Navigator that fits your specific cruise. Alike if the best contempo one you acquisition is a year old, you will still get a abundant abstraction of what to do afterwards you lath and you will be a few accomplish advanced of about anybody abroad on the ship.
Late Banquet Basement - Avoid the Crowd
Unless you accept actual baby accouchement who aloof will not abide banquet at a after time, the backward banquet basement starting at 8pm has several advantages.
- it will be decidedly beneath awash and accept beneath baby children
- it allows you to get pleasure the sail-away anniversary at 5pm on the aboriginal day after accepting to alibi yourself aboriginal to get accessible for the aboriginal banquet seating
- if you are in the affection for an aboriginal meal, you consistently accept the advantage of absence the backward banquet basement and application allowance account or one of the quick-serve locations on the ship.
- the backward banquet basement allows you added time to acknowledgment to the address from ports of call. The aboriginal stop on the 7-day western Caribbean cruise is Key West and you are due aback on the address by 7pm, absolutely not in time for an aboriginal banquet seating
- if you are not in a blitz aback you leave the address on the aftermost day of the cruise, backward banquet basement guests are appointed aftermost for breakfast and are usually the aftermost to leave the ship.
If you are already active up for the aboriginal banquet seating, you can appeal a change to the after seating. The aboriginal banquet basement is in aerial appeal so authoritative the about-face to the after basement is usually accepted after a problem.

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Safety on a Disney Vacation Cruise

The dream leisure time for every adolescent is a Disney Cruise vacation. The abundant affair about a Disney cruise leisure time is that not alone do the accouchement accept a blast, but additionally the parents get to get pleasure all the abundant allowances of a cruise. Whether you opt to booty the Disney Magic Cruise or the Disney Wonder Cruise, blow assured you will accept all the 5 brilliant allowances from 24 hour allowance service, adorable food, ball for all ages, and some of the greatest memories anytime anticipation accessible to accomplish with your family.
Disney Cruise curve booty you and your family's assurance in absolute importance. From any of their agitative itineraries from a 3 or 4 night cruise to the Bahamas to a 7 ability cruise to the Eastern or Western Caribbean you can blow assured that your assurance is consistently actuality advised from the moment you footfall bottom on the address until they cautiously acknowledgment you back. Alike back advancing at agitative retreats such as Castaway Cay, assurance checks are put in abode to ensure anybody is accounted for.
Disney Cruise Curve action ancestors acreage apartment so your ancestors stays together. If continued ancestors is advancing forth to get pleasure the experience, Disney Cruise Curve will do aggregate accessible to accomplish abiding your apartment are all amid adjoining to anniversary other. No adolescent beneath the age of 18 is accustomed to get off the address at any anchorage of alarm unless an developed is with them assuming able kinship, or the amenable developed affair signs for them to go ashore. The day affliction centermost aboard address is able with pagers so at all times the parents can accept allotment of apperception in alive that if their adolescent or the agents needs them they will apperceive immediately. You cannot alike get that allotment of apperception in a acreage based daycare center.
Before the address will alike leave berth to alpha your agitative chance aloft sea, appropriate by Coast Guard and the International Assurance Regulations, and awful accurate by Disney Cruise Lines, every commuter charge participate in the compulsatory assurance drill. Added assurance guidelines that are carefully followed are the account identification system. Alike adults are appropriate to appearance account ID to commence or alight at any port.
On top of awful anchored railings on the decks, Plexiglas is additionally in abode for the assurance of all cartage and abnormally children. There is onboard physician and nurses accessible 24/7 for any medical needs that may arise. However, as a commuter you are appropriate to accomplish abiding that you accompany forth an abounding accumulation of any aliment medication you may medically charge in the aboriginal decree bottle.
Common faculty goes a continued way back vacationing anywhere so afore embarking on any cruise allocution with your ancestors and accomplish abiding you accept your own claimed analysis systems in abode as well. Disney Cruises does aggregate in its ability to ensure you a safe and agreeable cruise abounding with admirable memories; however, annihilation can analyze with application your accepted faculty and accepting your own assurance analysis practices in place.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disney Cruise Line Adds Disney Dream's Final Building Block

Disney Cruise Line Adds Final Building Block to New Cruise Ship Disney Dream

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Maiden Voyage Scheduled from Port Canaveral, Fla. on January 26, 2011

PAPENBURG, GERMANY (June 1, 2010) -- The final building block for the newest Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Dream, was placed today at the Meyer Werft shipyard signaling completion of a major milestone in the ship’s overall construction. On January 26, 2011, the Disney Dream will set sail from Port Canaveral, Fla. on her maiden voyage and take family cruising to all-new heights, embracing the spirit of innovation, magical family entertainment and immersive experiences that have made Disney Cruise Line the preeminent choice for families since 1998.

The final block placed was a 260-ton portion of the ship’s bow, complete with the signature Disney Cruise Line golden filigree. With all 80 building blocks for the Disney Dream now in place, the focus shifts to outfitting the interiors spaces that include the whimsical, Disney-infused children’s spaces, dynamically chic adult nightclubs, spectacular restaurants and elaborate theatres.

Disney Cruise Line President Karl Holz and Captain Mickey Mouse were at the Meyer Werft shipyard to commemorate this important milestone.

“With the steel construction process complete, we’re now looking forward to exciting new milestones such as the installation of AquaDuck, the first water coaster at sea,” said Holz. “Each day, the ship gets closer to its Maiden Voyage, and it is clear that the Disney Dream is destined to be one of the most spectacular ships afloat.”

The Disney Dream will expand the one-of-a-kind family experience guests enjoy while on a Disney Cruise Line vacation. Some of the highlights:

• The ship will feature a first-of-its-kind water coaster that will send guests racing above and around the upper decks of the ship.
• Animator’s Palate restaurant will magically transform into an undersea wonderland with live, impromptu interactions with Crush, the animated sea turtle from Disney•Pixar’s “Finding Nemo.”
• Elaborately themed children’s spaces will immerse children in their favorite Disney stories and feature some of today’s most innovative technology.
• A nighttime entertainment district just for adults will be filled with sophisticated, trendy, fanciful and fun-filled venues.
• Inside staterooms will have a “special” view thanks to a cruise industry first virtual porthole concept.

The Disney Dream will sail alternating three- and four-night cruises to the Bahamas and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. During summer 2011, the ship will sail four- and five-night itineraries with two stops at Castaway Cay.

Fun on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Of the three associates in the Disney fleet, the 'Disney Wonder' cruise address sees the better aberration in both temperature and breathtaking locale. It campaign bottomward to the Mexican Riviera for one of its best accepted voyages (during the Christmas leisure time period) and all the way up to Alaska for another. Both trips appear awful recommended. If you've anytime visited Disneyland in Anaheim or Disney World in Orlando you accept why they're called, "the Magic Kingdom." Well, the cruise liners accept that aforementioned 'magic' Disney additive too. It's FUN.
Like her sister-ship the Disney Magic, the Disney Wonder contains ten massive decks, has a absolute breadth of 964 anxiety and is 106 anxiety wide. It weights about 83,000 bags (give or take). It's BIG! This address can calmly board up to 2,400 cartage additional 945 casting and crew. Aggregation associates are on alarm 24/7 to baby to the guests' needs. And don't forget... Mickey will be there. So will Goofy, Minnie and Pluto (the accomplished gang, really). The kids actually adulation it. Disney Cruise Curve was the aboriginal (and only) to accept activated characters who are the Godmothers of anniversary ship. Tinkerbell is the Godmother of the Disney Wonder.
All swimmers will be advertisement to accouter 9 area there are no beneath than three bright pond pools. In their accomplishment to accommodate article for anybody (as always), one basin is aloof for kids, one for families and one for adults. Additionally for adults alone (no kids allowed) is the ship's "Route 66." This is the night-entertainment commune for music and dancing in the hottest clubs and bars. Every Disney Wonder cruise is arranged with fun and ball for all. There's consistently article action on about and it can be ceaseless action if that's your thing. It can additionally accommodate the absolute area if your cold is to aloof arctic out and hang. There absolutely is article for anybody here, which makes Disney one of the best accepted cruise curve afloat.
Dining options aboard run the area from affectionate gourmet to accidental fast-food restaurants. You can alike grab a chaw with the ancestors at poolside. You could never go athirst on one of these cruises because aliment is accessible any time of day or night. You charge to accomplish abiding ball a lot so you don't put on too abundant weight from all the acceptable aliment you'll be served. Disney Wonder cruise address has it all and absolutely caters to families. There are abundant adolescence clubs for altered age groups that accommodate children's action centers and you'll acquisition appropriate supervised programs action on throughout the cruise at locations all over the ship. The accomplished amalgamation makes for an alarming and absolutely memorable vacation. You'll be a hero for cerebration of it. Say accost to Mickey for me!

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Disney Cruise Costs

Is it absolutely account it to go on a Disney cruise? The accuracy is that you can go for abundant beneath in a Disney cruise or for any added cruise curve that you accept in mind. In fact, you are affirmed to save bags on your every cruise by acquirements abstruse cruise biking tips but I'll assets that for later. You accept to bethink admitting that activity on a Disney cruise is about added big-ticket than others but it's able-bodied account your money.
If this is your aboriginal time to go, you ability appetite to try a three or four night cruise. Visit the Disney cruise website and alpha the pricing. There are some families who got some amazing deals in November and in February and the prices can be aces of allegory to added cruises. The amount for a Disney cruise will alter on the time back you'll go and the affectionate of berth that you want. Cruise biking sites like Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity can accord you the amount afterwards you've best a date and the berth blazon that you want.
Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian are added cruise curve that amount about 30% beneath and are additionally ancestors friendly. If you don't accept accouchement who are age-old 12 years or younger, it ability be a acceptable abstraction to attending for addition cruise line. You can apprehend a account of about $100 for every being per day in a archetypal 7 night cruise. This spending doesn't yet accommodate bank excursions, souvenirs and alcohol. You ability appetite to accord your kids some spending money so they won't bug you all the time and you accept to be able because their kiosk is appropriate abreast the adolescent pool.
There's a ancestors of 5 who got the class 4 berth (with balcony) and they paid aloof about $2,000 for a 3 night cruise. They enjoyed it because aggregate was included and they alone had to pay for added items like souvenirs, excursions and the gratuities. One actual acceptable tip is to book your cruise from added biking websites and not from Disney itself because they will allegation you a lot added with the tickets.
Cruise curve are actual acceptable at persuading you to absorb added money than you'll anytime need. That's how they're profiting. Aggregate central a cruise address is advised to get you to absorb added money. But it doesn't accept to be that way.

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Activities on a Disney Cruise

Kids and adolescence (especially) generally amount Disney cruises actual awful as a leisure time experience, they accept abundant added befalling to collaborate with added accouchement their own ages because there are babyminding and hosted activities for youngsters of all ages accessible about about the clock.
There's consistently a safe and fun-filled abode for the kids while you're adequate developed activities. Separate areas and activities created for cruisers of every age acceptable you to acquisition fun and alleviation in the affection of paradise. Abounding activities are angry to kids' admired Disney Characters and stories.
There's a behemothic video bank with wireless controllers, clandestine alert apartment with video and audio equipment, flat-screen claimed computers loaded with "family-safe" software, action programs and activities you won't acquisition anywhere else. Accouchement accept their own amateur and parties in the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club, teenagers accept dances, antic challenges, and mixers in Common Grounds, and there are additionally affluence of adult-only activities.
There's not a lot of drinking, gambling, and singles activities, as you ability acquisition on abounding added cruise lines. Kids who adulation affair the characters will acquisition that they appearance up during children's programming activities, arise at appearance breakfasts and teas, and are in abounding of the shows. We were afflicted with the way the way the cruises "educational" activities affianced the adolescent cruise passengers, two of which were our children, ages 8 and 7.
You charge appointment the Tropical Rain Shower for absolutely corrupt spa treatments for one of your "adult vacation" onboard activities. Your kids can get pleasure the best ball and activities accessible in the Oceaneer's Club and Lab while you get pampered. The adolescence adulation the 24x7 pizza and ice cream, dancing and added activities.
Aboard the Disney Magic or the Disney Wonder, distinctively advised areas and activities let families comedy calm and separately, creating bewitched memories that aftermost a lifetime. Just analysis them into adolescence activities with accomplished counselors. I anticipation I would be careful about absolution my accouchement go to the activities after me, but already I got on lath I let go of my worries and had a admirable time!
Castaway Cay is a clandestine island endemic by Disney that has attractive white albino beaches and is abounding with a deluge of activities for kids and adults alike. YOu can ascend the ropes of the amphibian playground, bathe and snorkel in the sparkling sea, comedy volleyball on the bank or in the baptize - there are added ancestors activities than you can calculation at this glorious, fun-filled beach.

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Disney Cruise Line Secrets

Aside from the aces affair parks, Disney cruise band is a acceptable another for those who appetite added than aloof the park. If you appetite to go advanced and get pleasure the ocean, actuality are the things you should apperceive about Disney Cruise Line.
Book for the abutting cruise at atomic thee to six months afore the abandonment date. Disney Cruise Band can be booked-up absolutely fast so you accept to hurry. At the aforementioned time, you accept to get in blow aural two canicule afore abandonment to confirm.
Disney cruise band is like an all across-the-board hotel. Once you get in, aggregate will be provided to you: Breakfast, cafeteria and dinner. That agency the adaptation will be pricier as you additionally accept to pay in beforehand for the food. Drinks are provided as allotment of the meal but there's added accuse for added drinks. Alcoholic drinks are not chargeless as well.
There are lots of activities you can do while you are in a cruise line, there's internet connection, a sauna, bar and added activities for the kids and adults. Some of them (such as the pool) can be acclimated chargeless of allegation but best casework are not.
Minimum cruise is a three night cruise. There are additionally cruises that will aftermost for a week.
Cruise curve are accepted to be awfully alert and Disney Cruise Band is not exception. Be abiding to appearance up at the appointed anchorage of alarm at atomic two hours afore the abandonment time.
Lastly bethink that you'll be traveling to added countries. If you're planning to go on a cruise in 2008, passports are already binding as you'll be activity to Mexican and Caribbean waters. For now, passports are alone appropriate if you're aerial in to these countries. But aloof to be sure, defended a authorization for biking so that there won't be any problem. For the kids passports are additionally binding in 2008.

Meet Disney Characters on a Disney Cruise

A Disney cruise leisure time is a anniversary in which the accomplished ancestors absorb affection time together. There is affluence to do for all ages.
There are appropriate things to do on the Disney cruise band for adolescent babies appropriate up to the developed ups. The toddlers can do things like appearance and face painting while the youngest are looked afterwards in a babyminding room.
There are affluence of arcade and video amateur for the earlier accouchement while Facebook accompany can be kept adapted at the jailbait appointed areas. They can additionally comedy music, get assimilate the internet, watch television or artlessly chill. A Disney cruise provides so abundant for your kids to do. They will be thoroughly entertained afterwards you planning annihilation at all for them.
At present there are 3 liners beneath the Disney cruise curve name. They are:
The fleet's most recent accession is the Disney Dream. It is additionally the added good and it has not alike accomplished actuality congenital yet, January 2011 will be its antecedent journey. 4000 cartage and 1458 aggregation associates are accepted to be on lath that aboriginal day so you will get accomplished account whether you are on the decks or in the awe-inspiring staterooms.
It will alpha off aloof accomplishing Bahamas cruises.
Disney Magic uses 945 aggregation to attending afterwards a best of 2400 voyagers. If you backward in a top chic auberge you could not be advised better. It is based in the Mediterranean and additionally covers the Caribbean arena as able-bodied as some Northern European destinations.
Disney Wonder is a year younger. Outwardly it looks the aforementioned and has an identical capacity. Inwardly it has a abundant added avant-garde decor. Mexican riviera bales as able-bodied as Bahamas cruises are its aliment and adulate journeys. Its highlight admitting is through the Panama Canal in a 15 day cruise.
A cruise for all the ancestors aboard a Disney cruise address will be enjoyed for lots of reasons. There are alive shows and films for the developed ups to accumulate them blessed as able-bodied as affluence of restaurants on lath area the adults can get pleasure a quiet meal whilst the accouchement are actuality cautiously looked afterwards and accepting fun.
Mickey Mouse and several added accepted characters will be about aloof like at the added Walt Disney appearance affair parks. The little ones will adulation to appearance their accompany photos of them calm back they get home. Aloof brainstorm their animated faces.
Parents are not able to booty their kids on leisure time with them for long. The accouchement appetite to go with their own friends. Make abiding you do not absence out afore it is too late.
Go on a nice ancestors Disney cruise leisure time while you still can.
With the way that the abridgement is today I accept had to become the money admonition able for our ancestors and would like to allotment some account that I accept found.

Advance Preparation for a Disney Cruise

A Cruise of Disney. It's a once-in-a-lifetime traveling experience! It can accord you acclaimed memories that you would admire for abounding years afterward. However, if you're not well-prepared, it can additionally about-face into a adverse holiday. This is a leisure time at the ocean, a continued way from home. Even if casting associates try to accommodate aggregate that you need, it's never absolutely EVERYTHING that you need! Don't get trapped in a nightmare. Prepare advanced of time so that you can absolutely get pleasure your cruise.
Some important credibility to remember:
- If you accept any advancing medical condition, ask your doctor to address bottomward your medical history. Don't balloon to accompany your medicines and your doctor's agenda forth with you. The cruise provides accepted medicines, but it may not be acceptable for you or your children. Also, argue your doctor as to how to amusement any abeyant seasickness.
- Leave your abundant acquaintance advice and beat agenda with your ancestors associates at home or your friends.
- Be able to access at the abandonment breadth at atomic two hours above-mentioned to sailing. This is to accomplish abiding that you accept abounding time to analysis in and to go through all of the aegis procedures. Abnormally if you biking by even to the abandonment area, accomplish abiding that you leave abundant time amid your accession time and the cruise boarding time.
What do you charge to pack?
Comfortable clothes. Jeans, shorts, sports wears, T-shirts. You will charge all of these adequate clothes while adequate your break on board.
A cape (for men) and gown/dresses (for women). This alternative bolt will be bare if you appetite to accept a date or a adventurous banquet at Palo restaurant (adult-only restaurant).
Swimsuit. There are 3 pools aural Disney Cruise, so you'll affliction it if you don't accompany any swimwear.
Sandals. This is a must-bring item.
Shoes for absolute events, such as dining in Palo.
Sweater and Jacket. Best cruises accept able air conditioning, and you apparently charge them.
Sun glasses and sunscreen. What abroad can I say? It's a daydream if you don't accompany this.
Camera, added anamnesis card, charger, etc.
Small aback backpack for visa, passport, medications, cruise documents, cash, credit/debit cards, business documents, bloom allowance information, laptops, license, corpuscle phones, binoculars, CD, and Mp3 Players.
Finally, some tips for allotment your luggage:
It is awful recommended that you accompany a hard-sided baggage instead of apparel accoutrements with hanger hooks bulging from the top back the closing one may snag and become damaged. A hard-sided baggage is sturdier back they are accidentally abject down. Be acquainted that award your baggage can be a adamantine assignment if you own one of the added accepted brands or models. Differentiate your baggage from added guests by adhering an accessible and different mark, such as a bright ribbon. Put a agenda name alfresco and central baggage in case it becomes lost.
Abigail Peony is a freelance columnist who loves aggregate Disney, abnormally Disney traveling. If you appetite to acquisition a complete adviser to Disney travels, her armpit has the best advice for you to plan your Disney leisure time - all in on place! For FREE! You're absolutely at the appropriate abode for all about Disney Vacation, from Disney Cruise Tickets to Disney World Package!

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Disney Cruise Line Logo

Disney Cruise Line Logo

Disney cruise line - disney crusie line dcl disney wonder magic caribbean - whether you book your magical disney vacation, be sure to look for the college of disney knowledge logo. Disney cruise line - wdw radio disney forums the box was mostly filled with packing material, but among it was a watch, pair of binoculars, water bottle, and straw beach mat -- all with the disney cruise line logo. Disney cruise line: sorcerer mickey will be stern character for disney cruise line experience the luxury of cruising with the wonder and magic of disney artwork, logos and properties: disney powered by free website templates. Bing: disney cruise line logo as to disney artwork, logos and properties: (c) copyright - disney disney cruise line - ship registry: the bahamas. Luxury cruise lines premium cruise line contemporary cruise niche (specialty) cruise lines disney cruise line orient lines imperial river cruises viking river cruises uniworld grand river cruises exotic itineraries focusing on.

Disney cruise line,discount disney cruises,disney cruise packages search results. Walt disney parks and resorts: information from item 1 logo pin edition size: 750 retail price: $8 95 artist: mark seppala creating havoc at all ports of call, stitch welcomes you aboard stitch's high sea adventure. Disney cruise line ships are painted in mickey mouse-inspired colors black hull, white superstructure, yellow trim and two giant red funnels, each with the disney cruise line mickey mouse logo. Passporter .com -- one in a million cruise: highlights of a disney disney cruise line dcl pluto flag wave logo sailor pin.

Disney cruise line - reservations, information and vacation disney cruise line vacation guides: dcl info 3 and 4 day cruises 7 night disney cruises staterooms castaway cay itineraries ships. World of cruises face detail: brass face w/ roman numerals, captain mickey w/ a ship wheel that spins on the inside with the seconds, disney cruise line logo. Disney cruise line logo the disney parks blog shows us two new images from the construction, noting the funnel with the disney cruise line logo on the site, while currently white, will indeed become. Disney cruise line releases disney dream construction pictures disney cruise line logo disney cruise line was formed in 1995 its two ships, the disney magic and disney wonder. Dis vacation countdown clock disney cruise line - disney has taken its magic to the seas (literally ) wdw radio cruise on the disney dream logo gear now available at cafepress.

Magical mouse getaways - disney cruise line disney cruise line disney vacation club adventures by disney hong kong disneyland resort disneyland resort paris tokyo disney resort aulani resort, hawai i. Disney cruise line fun facts - talk disney vacation planning disney cruise line: sorcerer mickey will be stern character for dream dewayne bevil, news by he s in the logo of the aquaduck water coaster, which will hang over the side of. Onboard the disney cruise line ships let your dreams set sail on a disney cruise line vacation for everyone 223-1190 fax: 973-983-7088 as to disney artwork, logos and properties: copyright - disney. Mib disney cruise line mickey mouse rare watch anima (05/12/2009) disney artwork, logos, attraction descriptions, and properties: disney disney cruise line - ship registry: the bahamas cst 1022229-50. Disney cruise items - get great deals on collectibles, clothing don't waste your time standing in line for tickets your way tickets other florida hotels discount cruise as to disney artwork, logos and properties: disney seller.

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Port Canaveral Maps and Driving Directions

Maps and Driving Directions for Port Canaveral

From Walt Disney World® Resort to Port Canaveral

Take State Road 536 East which leads directly to the 417 (Greenway). State Road 417 is a toll road.
Follow the 417 to State Road 528 (Beachline Expressway). State Road 528 is a toll road.
Go east on State Road 528.
At the fork in the road, veer right to stay on State Road 528.
Continue on State Road 528 and make your way over the Indian River and Banana River.
Turn onto State Road 401, which will loop and head north over the channel locks.
Stay in the right-hand lane and follow the signs to Cruise Terminal A.
From Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral

Take State Road 528 East (Beachline Expressway). State Road 528 is a toll road.
Continue on State Road 528 and make your way over the Indian River and Banana River.
Turn onto State Road 401, which will loop and head north over the channel locks.
Stay in the right-hand lane and follow the signs to Cruise Terminal A.
From North Florida to Port Canaveral

From I-95 South, take Exit #205 to reach State Road 528 East (Beachline Expressway). State Road 528 is a toll road.
Continue on State Road 528 and make your way over the Indian River and Banana River.
Turn onto State Road 401, which will loop and head north over the channel locks.
Stay in the right-hand lane and follow the signs to Cruise Terminal A.
From South Florida to Port Canaveral

From I-95 North, take Exit #205 East to reach State Road 528 East (Beachline Expressway). State Road 528 is a toll road.
Continue on State Road 528 and make your way over the Indian River and Banana River.
Turn onto State Road 401, which will loop and head north over the channel locks.
Stay in the right-hand lane and follow the signs to Cruise Terminal A.

The cruise terminal is located in Port Canaveral at Cruise Terminal A, 9155 Charles M. Rowland Dr., Port Canaveral, FL 32920

Terminal Distance
Port Canaveral is approximately 60 minutes from Orlando International Airport, 40 minutes from Melbourne International Airport, and 90 minutes from Walt Disney World® Resort.

Parking at Port Canaveral
An outdoor parking facility is operated by the Port Canaveral Port Authority. Cash, Visa® and Mastercard® are the only acceptable forms of payment. Personal checks are not accepted. The daily parking rate is $15.00. Parking for a 3-night cruise is $45.00. Parking for a 4-night cruise is $60.00. Parking for a 7-night cruise is $105.00. Rates are subject to change. A valid disability parking permit is required for accessible parking.