Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Chef Embarks With Disney Cruise Lines, Arnaud Lallemant

At the end of the year, Walt Disney Company will launch a sister ship of the "Disney Dream ', launched last December. The 'Disney Fantasy' will offer visitors the opportunity to experience on board the French chef's kitchen two stars, Arnaud Lallement.

The Fantasy , perfect replica of the ship Disney Dream , will be delivered by the shipyard Meyer Werft in Papenburg to the end of the year. The fourth unit of the Disney Cruise Line fleet will be equipped with 1,250 cabins for 4,000 passengers on board with several dining areas. Offer the most high-end will be transferred back to the head two stars Champagne Arnaud Lallement . Flashback: taking advantage of a visit Taittinger, the direction of the U.S. group made ​​stops at the plate and offers champagne in Reims Arnaud Lallement sponsor the kitchens of Remy, the culinary jewel of the ship they launch in December 2010. Now place 2 Remy, that should work in a spirit similar to the second unit of Disney Cruise Line. As in her first collaboration, the French chef menu composed duet with fellow American Scott Hunnel . The latter runs the kitchens of the Victoria & Albert's in Orlando, Florida. For the two restaurants on board, the French cook will continue the training of all staff, hired in consultation with the recruiter Lorient Marc Chetrit , a specialist in the world of cruising.

Cuisine in a setting demanding cartoon

The Remy in his first draft, so successful that passengers are limited to a single dinner per stay. "The Dream and Fantasy are based in the Caribbean but the ship will be coming longer cruises of four days. Opportunities to reserve will be less restrictive despite an identical capacity of 65 guests and only in the evening " , said the Champenois. Cooperation with Scott Hunnel is challenging: " we meet our cultures. I am familiar with North American customers . " Confidence has settled with Disney. " They m ' left blank . "A professional adventure that has an impact in Champagne: " Disney's employees and customers are a new customers for me. Moreover j ' send my cooks by rotation on the boat to control the quality. They live these shipments as a reward. J ' have been present on the Disney Dream twice two weeks since the start of ' years , p uring periods of work or closing of the ' Plate c hampenoise. We can not blame me for ' abandoning e furnace for my turquoise seas " , Arnaud Lallement fun. On the Dream , travelers find the card a coastal Turbot, gnocchi and yellow wine, a Saint-Pierre, chorizo carrots and spicy, a pigeon pie with foie gras and desserts variations on the theme of chocolate or lemon. The menu changes every six months, the products come from the United States. The Remy named after the little rat, the main character of the cartoon Ratatouille : "The colors, tables, chairs and even the kitchen reflect the spirit years 1920 restaurant designed by the writers of Ratatouille , " explains Arnaud Lallement. The new Disney cruise ship in the fleet, the Fantasy will be a gauge of 128 000 tonnes. It will measure 340 meters long and 37 meters wide. Profile as a transatlantic, it should cost a whopping $ 900 million. It will accommodate 4,000 passengers will be served by 1,458 crew members.

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