Saturday, December 4, 2010

Former DCL Magician, David DaVinci, Poised To Star In A Forthcoming Circus

Master illusionist David Da Vinci has made a name for himself as an artist and a magician of the world's leading class.

It has only been with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus for a year and a half, but when it comes to the "greatest show on earth", who had already made two world tours with superior performance in over 20 countries. Da Vinci also appeared on numerous television shows and has several Guinness World Records.

Da Vinci manager, used to be a clown, knew the owners of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus when it was discovered that he wanted to build a show around the magic came into contact with the Feld Entertainment and organized Felder a private screening. Da Vinci conducted before a total of four and a job offer the next day, the contracts were sent to him.

Da Vinci began his career in magic at an early age. When asked how he got involved in the boat, said, "My brother has a magic kit for Christmas and put it in the closet, and I was about six when he began learning tricks and by the fifth year I did my first show . Every time I do a show, I'd like two more of the same, then I'd get four more. "He added how the magic actually continued to evolve and when he entered high school, who did much money on it, play in primary schools and private entities that receive between $ 500 to $ 2500.

When asked if he is performing in his backyard in Spokane, Wa., He said: "My parents had a great room floor, and had laid the scene." He added that after the construction of a stadium in the basement of his parents, had invited local residents and to impose a quarter of admission. In high school, he said, "I realized I made a living while still in high school."

DaVinci described how their teachers are not very happy with their choice and tried to dissuade him, saying he could not make a living doing magic. He said: "I did go through this course to understand what had to be and the funny thing is that I did not need guidance, and had a career, earning money and love what I do. The strange thing is through this study the race as I did, I said it should really be a magician or conjurer. "

He added that after their teachers to gather information about a famous magician who had left school and now has one of the greatest spectacles of magic in the world.

According to Da Vinci, and noted that "my teachers recently shot in the foot."

They tried to convince him not to do magic and get a real job and when not working, he was given the choice, do magic or complete secondary school. DaVinci said, "I do both, so I finished high school and my teachers at that time embraced what I did."

In addition, Da Vinci said: "I was touring around the world when he was 18." At this age, also appeared on television to over 200 million people in China and at the age of 19, which raised more than $ 2,000,000 for charitable organizations, on tour in Canada.

At age 20, his career began to take off and began headlining DaVinci luxury cruise, including Disney Cruise Lines, Holland America, NCL and Princess cruise lines.

With a list of accomplishments and hundreds of shows under his belt, Da Vinci welcomed his next challenge, go to Saipan, where he played his own show over 13 months.

When asked about what advice would you give someone who wants to do magic, "he said," The most important thing is that I took with my dreams, I will not let anyone stop me What if someone has a dream or a passion more, you need to pursue that with all your heart, "and added," The sky is the limit for someone else there. "

Da Vinci also said: "I think if I was not magical, I would not be here." It was in response to a question about what else was interested career He added, "I passionately love what I do. I can not really give you an answer. I would not do otherwise. I feel very fortunate with the drive and passion to pursue a Sleep. "Moreover, he said," I can have minds of people outside their daily stress and entertain. "

According to Da Vinci, his schedule is essentially a six-day week of work, but even on his day off, still working on perfecting his magic, either in the development of new or the illusion of working on promotional material . Even have time to run a business with his brother on the Internet called, parrot training online.

Da Vinci said he always loved animals. It affects about getting your first set of pigeons when he was 13, but he says that parrots are his favorites since his parents had exotic parrots, while growing up. According to Da Vinci ", a bird becomes a member of the family."

In his act, has ten feathered friends. These include an African Grey parrot, a toucan, a macaw blue bra, a pink breast cockatoos and macaws, Camelot. He said the public response to the bird.

The birds are only part of his act. Will take place from eye popping illusions, transformations and mind-blowing about the unique magic. He even tries to escape from a straitjacket while suspended in the air three stories above the lion's den.

Ringling Bros. Work, Da Vinci, he said, was his greatest achievement, adding: "Never in a million years imagined I'd be really in a traveling circus, but it was an amazing experience."

Da Vinci was in a personal note that someday he would have his own theater, and his own television show host. He said: "There are two things I want to see the list for the next decade."

The specimen is:

* Thursday, 9 pm Dec. 19;

* Friday, December 10 to 19 hours:

* Saturday, December 11 at 1 am and 17 pm;

* Sunday, December 12 - 14 hours

Prices range from $ 14 to $ 52 and can be purchased at the box office.

DaVinci encourages everyone to enjoy pre-show that takes place one hour before the start of actual results. Is included in the ticket price and is available for all shows at the event. According to Da Vinci, viewers will have the opportunity to meet artists and get their autographs.

He and his birds will be available for photos. Towards the end of the pre-show, Susie, an Asian elephant is highlighted and make an impression of an elephant. Children are invited to sit on the curb ring, while the elephant is only two to three feet away. There will be a draw and the lucky winner will take home a footprint of an elephant.

Come have fun and show "The Greatest Show on Earth." Enjoy the child within you.

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