Sunday, December 5, 2010

Great Story About Disney Cruise and Make A Wish Foundation

Here is a nice heartwarming story about how Disney Cruise Lines and the Make A Wish Foundation helped a family:

Mr. Causey immediately introduced himself and told me he was headed to Orlando for a free Disney cruise, compliments of The Make-A-Wish Foundation. He explained how his 13-year-old daughter, Courtney, seated just across the aisle with her mother and sister, has an inoperable brain stem tumor that could burst and end her life at any moment.

I listened and marveled as this proud but hurting father related how they discovered the tumor and how Courtney manages her disease, plus juvenile diabetes, with amazing strength and determination. Knowing she could die anytime, Courtney has taken up horseback riding, even winning medals in dressage competition.

By the time our plane landed, I felt like the luckiest parent alive. I wished Mr. Causey a happy cruise, promised to pray for Courtney, and immediately dialed my healthy children to tell them how much I Iove them.

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