Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will Disney Start Home-Porting Out of Vancouver?

The future terminal cruise ship upright Campbell River has gone from bad to worse the disappearance of another potential cruise visitor.
Terminal, which took more than 19 million of public funding for construction has not seen a way to see the big cruise ships since 2008 and now a major player in pocket cruise ship industry is gone. Seattle-based Cruise West, which has a pocket cruiser of 44 meters from the terminal Campbell River British Spirit Wei Wai Kum Cruise Ship in October 2008, terminated employees and ceased operations just over two months ago.
"Obviously that was another blow," said Darryl Anderson, Campbell River Indian Band cruise ship terminal sales representative. "They were well-managed company. Their occupation of their small ships had passed under the 60 percent mark due to the recession. This is an example of the cruise line had a key role in building the market not only in Alaska, but with the experience of small buildings and do some other unique itineraries. "
Given the difficulty of attracting large cruise ships at the terminal strip and the city were targeted pocket cruisers. Back in 2008, Cruise West said it was exploring opportunities to Campbell River, a regular stop.
This week, Anderson said the group is always re-evaluate its market of cruise plans and development in light of the crisis in the cruise industry. There were some bright spots, including tax reduction of tourism in Alaska last year.
"I think we will see Disney and Crystal Cruises return to the market, the home port of Vancouver, this is a dynamic market, but still very difficult," he said. "Demand has dropped significantly all lines and cruise ships continue to deploy in other markets."
With consumers more price sensitive than ever before, "Anderson said cruise lines are looking for profit potential on board." So it's not just a matter of joining the ship, but what can we do Campbell River to offer a range of tourism products covering the end of April to October, he said.

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