Sunday, December 5, 2010

Information For TV Stations

Broadcast Services:
Disney Cruise Line provides a unique venue for remote broadcasts. Send a reporter and share the magic and wonder of a Disney cruise live with your audience. Disney Cruise Line can help brainstorm story ideas, find a hometown angle and set-up interactive demonstrations that will involve your talent and engage your audience. A live remote from a Disney ship is ideal for sweeps or stations looking for different ways to connect with their audience.

Television Broadcast Services
The Disney Wonder cruise ship is equipped with a KU uplink antenna, allowing TV stations to conduct live broadcasts from the ship. Since the ship sails on three- and four-night cruises, you can share the magic of cruising with your audience without sending your talent out for extended periods of time. Depending on your needs, Disney Cruise Line can provide satellite space, photographer, editor and producer. Not able to sail, but still interested in reporting on Disney Cruise Line? Use the link below to review footage from the ships and request a Beta or HD b-roll tape.

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